Helping small businesses

Yellow Dog Farm is a small business. When something like Tropical Storm Irene passes through, I cannot imagine what a small business can do…

The devastation and the costs to continue are so high – in people hours and money.

Yellow Dog Farm was lucky – for this storm we sat high upon a rock in the middle of the lake. Not so lucky were our small business friends in other parts of the state. In fact, one of our very own artists at Grand Isle Art Works, potter, Jeremy Ayers is working hard to reclaim his studio and working space in Waterbury.


Help us help them by donating to the

Thank you!
Ellen, Jim, Zeke, and Elvis

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  1. Hi Ellen. I was referred to you by Mary Jeanne Packer. I was wondering if you might have a natural colored angora buck available for stud services. I have 2 females I would like to breed.

    Thank you very much.


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