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Yellow Dog Farm in Summer

Yellow Dog Farm is located in the town of South Hero on South Hero Island in the middle of Lake Champlain.  Our island town is officially part of in northwestern Vermont. We started our mohair yarn operation in 2005 with the purchase of 3 bred female Angora goats. Four kids were born in May of that year and a buck, Shiloh, and his buddy, Oliver, were added in the summer of 2006. The goat shed that was built in the fall of 2004 was expanded during the fall of 2006 with the addition of a 24′ by 30′ two story barn with hayloft. Space was set-aside in the new barn for a wood turning wood working shop. We now have 18 goats!  Our baby goats this year are Halle, Julia, George, Warren, and Kevin – all oscar winners!

Ellen and Jim
South Hero, VT 05486


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