Spring in Vermont…rain, again

Darn. It is true. Rain. Again. All week.

It is has been a crazy spring. Lake Champlain is still over 102 feet and with this new rain, it will probably rise higher! We just barely saw the water level go down to allow for a dry run across the Sand Bar Causeway.

Even so, we have the return of so many wonderful birds – the skies are in constant movement and the songs are the best ever. Last night, Jim and I sat on our deck watching the goats and a tiny humming bird – who decided to take a rest on a tree near us. What fun – you hardly ever get to see them still. I miss having the herons fly over the house throughout the day. I get that their new nesting area is closer to their food source, but I miss their majestic flights. Felt like a right of passage for the spring when their babes are little. Our little barn has its share of barn swallows, starlings (too many) and morning doves. We have been listening to a catbird try to trick us with his songs – could be a mocking bird – we are just not sure. And those snipes have been so very active – I hope he finds a mate soon!

The grass is green and getting greener with the rain.

And we have new critters…M&M, Dorito, Dazzle and Telemark. Zeke and Elvis are the reigning yellow dogs of the farm.

Happy Spring!

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  1. I saw the white yarn bowl that Jim made for one of your friends and am wondering if Jim would make another for purchase. I fell in love with that yarn bowl, it shape and color, and it would be perfect for my various knitting projects. Please let me know if there are others of this type for sale. I would dearly love one that is the same color and shape as the one given to your friends.

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